wollongong invitations

nautrical linen bomboniere natural beach sea chair bomboniere wedding frame shell


beach theme bomboniere christening sea shells rustic unusual

bomboniere box lolly bomboniere christening natural sea nautical

Cross Keyring crystal bomboniere christening gift

Teddy bear frame train bomboniere christening

bootie baby shoe bomboniere  sugar almonds bomboniere christening

bag crystal keyring bomboniere pink wedding christening baptism

Jesus trinklet box cross bomboniere christening religious

Crystal trinklet apple bomboniere christening wedding PVC box

Rocking horse bomboniere frame chrome picture

pram bomboniere pink sugar almonds christening

first birthday cupcake theme tren style bomboniere box trinklet

Train teddy bear frame bomboniere new cheap bombon idea








At NVITA we have an extensive range of bombonieres for religious celebrations. Available as a completely assembled item or as DIY -  do it yourself option.... Finish the gift with sugar coated almonds available in white, blue or pink or for a modern approach we have a large range of Belgian and other tantalising confectionery available. Come see our extensive range of affordable bomboniere, we are here to help you create a unique keepsake your guest will treasure.



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